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Kiyoko Osone

Founder and Managing Director

Kiyoko is an angel investor leading 45+ active investors in the robotics and deep tech space. The core of our existence relies on the entomological questioning of what fuels the future: of what we imbibe and what powers our society. Be it the re-imagined version of protein to the kalman filters that smoothen robotic movements, Kiyoko seeks startups on a mission that redefine our reality. She was the Managing Director of a blockchain syndicate, and was at Morgan Stanley before launching her firm.

She graduated from UCLA with honors and was an Alumni of Regents Scholar, and is pursuing a second degree in computer science due to her fascination of the field.​ She taught herself to code, applying R and VBA to market analysis, and Python as she builds Weclikd Inc.

Outside of work, she golfs, plays three music instruments, and practices martial arts. 

Yoshinori Osone

Due Diligence and Board Observer

Yoshi is a distinguished engineer at a global multinational technology conglomerate based in Silicon Valley. He has over 15 years of experience, coding since his teens. He leads multiple team projects, workflows, and spearheads new innovation proposals. His expertise spans the breadth of hardware via electrical engineering to various frameworks and architecture in software development. 


His research is published in Samueli School of Engineering, where he graduated with honors, nominated Phi Beta Kappa at UCLA. As a student, he was hired as an intern, notably contributing to a classified security project under orders of President Obama. 

In his spare time, he is an investor within the real estate community and algorithmic trading in public markets. He oversees Knockout Capital's decision making and due diligence process on its selection of startups. He is aficionado of classical music, and plays the piano and saxophone. He also competes in badminton tournaments, and is an eSports enthusiast. 

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