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Founding Partner

Kiyoko is an angel investor leading 45+ active investors in the robotics space. It is her passion as she believes that the future of labor and work will be redefined via the scope of robotics.


She currently serves as an analyst for a prominent private equity firm that focuses mainly on risk and operational management for later stage startups.

Previously, she was at Morgan Stanley and a full-ride Alumni of Regents, Rotary, Bunche, and Alice M. Moher Scholar, managing grant applications as a published undergrad for UCLA's Gonda Neuroscience Center and Glaucoma Institute.

Outside of work, she co-founded a stealth startup with a team of Bruins, Weclikd Inc. that ascertains to create a collaborative social environment for ideas. She is a violinist, flutist, boxer, and served on the Sunnyvale Arts Commission as a poet, painter and aficionado of art, and was a Battalion Commander of junior ROTC. 


Please connect via Linkedin or mail and check out her helpful resources via the living pitch deck!

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