• Masa Nishikawa

    Kanematsu Ventures 

    Kanematsu is a 10B+ Japanese corporate company and aids startups in energy, consumer hardware, and safety. Masa speaks at notable conferences such as SXSW.

  • Jason Derleth

    NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts

    Jason heads Nasa's venture arm. He graduated MIT and received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal for Exploration Systems Architecture Study. 

  • Jasper Bos

    Merck Ventures

    Jasper is the head of Merck's venture arm. He is looking for new innovations in quantum computing, ML predictive analysis, and novel technologies in foodtech. 

  • Sherman Li


    Sherman is one of the partners at Softbank in search of AI projects within the Asia and EU division. Softbank's investments run from Uber and Slack to Boston Dynamics.

  • Torrance Carroll

    Hack Fund V

    Torrance is a partner of Hack Fund V, a publicly traded venture firm. He led Wework Labs and created the first stop-motion animation at the Charles M. Shulz museum.

  • Yoriko Koike

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government

    Yoriko Koike is the governor of Tokyo and runs Invest Tokyo with Accenture. Her goal is to make Tokyo a Smart City for Olympics 2020.

  • Jim Simmons

    Caltech Angels

    Jim is the co-chair of Caltech angels and leads his own firm at Simmons Godspeed Ventures. He is a passionate entrepreneur VC in the semiconductor, watertech and VR/AR consumer space.

  • Manan Mehta

    Unshackled Ventures

    Manan is a founding partner and aa Bruin and  ran marketing for ed-tech startup Kno (acq. by Intel 2013) that raised over $90M of funding .

  • Masato Yamamoto

    All Nippon Airways 

    Masato is the head of ANA ventures and partner at WiL's Lab. He seeks the flying car  companies that define urban air mobility.

  • Taka Machinaga

    Takenaka Corporation

    Takenaka Corporation is the world's largest R&D research institute in robotics. It offers robotics a safe space to test out their construction robots. 

  • Shoichi Tanida


    Shoichi is the VP of Mitsubishi Ventures, a 42B+ firm holding stake in Lawson, Uniqlo, and Muji. He seeks startups with simplicity and purpose. 

  • Bruce Cleveland

    Wildcat VC

    Bruce is a founding partner of Wildcat VC and author of Traversing the Traction Gap. Prev. at Interwest Partners and Westpoint.

  • Brad Feld

    Foundry Group

    Brad is the founder of Foundry Group and Techstars, and authored Venture Deals, and its free course. He led investments in Modular and Misty.

  • Bryan Rosenblatt

    Craft Ventures

    Bryan was the head of growth of both Reddit and Twitter before joining on at Craft Ventures. He led investments in  robotics as CafeX and SpaceX.

  • Zeryab Moussaoui

    Airbus Group Inc.

    Zeryab heads Airbus Group's research. He graduated from the top in Paris at Sorbonne and is seeking progressions robotic aviation and swarm robotics.

  • Scott Amyx

    Amyx Ventures

    Scott is part of the Forbes Technology Council and runs his own firm, Amyx Ventures.. He is a prominent TedX speaker and is at the front lines of IoT and AI.

  • Pedro Espinoza

    Espinoza Ventures

    Pedro is an accomplished Tedx speaker, author, and investor in robotic platforms such as Kiwibot. He was featured on the Hispanic Shark Tank, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and  World Patent Office.

  • Sunil Nagaraj

    Ubiquity VC

    Sunil is the founding partner of Ubiquity and previously as Bessember Venture Partners. He graduated from Harvard and seeks lightweight startups in RPA software.

  • Miho Greenberg

    Japan Society of Northern California

    Miho is the COO of USA Japan. Prev. she was with MIT Labs, with Toshiba, Subaru, Phillips and manages relations with Japanese Consulate. 

  • Magnus Carlsson

    Ikea Head of Design

    Magnus is a world renown head of cost product design at Ikea and a published author in strategic sourcing and company management. He featured at Parsons for design.

  • Tomohiro Uchida


    Hitachi is known for scaling startups in the robotics and AI space. They are looking for the next wave of RPA software and robotics that serves a consumer and social good.

  • Roger Royse

    Royse Law

    Roger is the founder of Royse Law Firm, works with companies ranging from newly formed tech startups to multinationals and is on the top 500 lawyers list. 

  • Barry Sakakibara


    Barry is the deputy head of innovation of US Research and Development at Nippon Life Global. They are the largest corporate insurance in Japan.

  • Kazuki Ebusatani

    Ezaki Glico 

    Kazuki is the head of  the venture arm for Ezaki Glico, the company famous for Pocky, the famous Japanese snacks in Anime. They love super cute, super edible food products.

  • Yannick Henriette

    Compiler VC

    Yannick leads Compiler VC. Prev. exited entrepreneur and Morgan Stanley. He seeks hardware and software startups by trade. 

  • Shawn Xu

    Floodgate VC

    Shawn is a senior associate, previously a managing partner at the Dorm Room and Bessemer. He is a Wharton grad and led over 27 investments.

  • Chris Abshire

    Toyota AI Ventures

    Chris is an investor at Toyota AI  and previously at Fenox venture capital. He seeks robotics and AI adding value to construction and mobility industries.

  • Mark Linao

    Akatsuki Ventures  

    Mark is a CVC at Akatsuki, Entertainment, prev. at Candela and Technicolor Ventures. He is a Bruin with a Masters in materials science and MBA.

  • Atul Singh 

    Fair Observer

    Atul is a notable lawyer and lecturer in geopolitcal risk via World Bank, Washington D.C., TEDx and universities. He is an Oxford PPE and Wharton grad with connections to Parliament.

  • Akemi Koda

    Stanford Angels

    Akemi is a notable angel investor with Stanford and Band of Angels. She seeks startups in the AR/VR space, and notably led business development with top corproates in Japan.

  • Russel Brand

    MIT Angels

    Russell is notably of first investors in Founders Institute and Kickstarter. He co-chairs of MIT angels which focuses on industry agnostic hardware. 

  • Randy Wiggins

    Princeton Angels

    Randolph is the co-chair of Princeton Alumni. He is a lawyer and invests in consumer food and health startups.

  • Brandon Levene

    Xoogle Angels

    Brandon is the head of Google Applied Intelligence project (Chronicle) in cybersecurity. He previously published in research in Palo Alto Networks.

  • Kiyoko Osone

    UCLA Ventures

    Kiyoko's network spans UCLA ventures, key players on Wallstreet, Chamber of commerce and Japan. She is building her first bot with Homebrew.

  • James Skelley

    JSTech Law

    James is an engineer and prominent IP lawyer in the valley specializing in robotics and medical devices. He previously was at Perkins Coie, and his network spans MIT CSAIL, DARPA, and Cairo. He aids startups in his portfolio of patent law. 

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